Solar Education


This unique system is developed for Africa to give the rural and non-rural children of the country an equal opportunity to develop their educational needs of the highest level which each and every child deserves. It is not a privilege, but a given right by our constitution of this beloved country to give the children a basic education. And that they can excel in the further development of the country and become educated citizens. May this system be with them for the next 12 years and beyond for life.

About Solar Education:

How does it work and benefits

This streamlined backpack which is waterproof is worn by scholars like any normal backpack. When the scholar commutes between the school and home, the energy is stored in a battery via a solar panel which will allow the scholar to use it at night for reading and to do their home work. It can charge electronic equipment such as cameras, cell phones, iPads and the Kobo. The Kobo uses no back lighting, but electronic ink which makes it very soft on the eyes. This means No sore or tired eyes which is good for the health of the scholar. They don’t have to inhale all the fumes from candles, lamps, gas and fires. No more burning down of property which sometimes can result in the death of a scholar. By using this system, it will help prevent pollution and also educate. No more late deliveries of books. No more torn books. No more wet books. No more lost books. Nomore lost pages. No more old books. No heavy books to carry to school.


The EREADER will last for the duration of the scholar’s education and beyond. The advantages are as follows:

  • Copy of books immediately downloaded.
  • Copy of days work can be sent by a friend if the scholar is sick or away from the school.
  • Stores up to 1000 books in the memory of the EREADER and up to 30000 books on it’s Micro SD card.
  • Old exam papers, books can be downloaded from our web site.
  • The EREADER has a built in Wi Fi connection that if the scholar wants to download from a site that offers Wi Fi connections.
  • The EREADER has a built in sketch pad so that the scholar can write and save all the work done on the sketch pad, NO MORE LOOSE PAPERS.
  • It has a built in chess set so the scholar can learn to play chess.
  • The EREADER can be connected to facebook so that the scholar can be connected to friends and communicate via facebook.
  • The EREADER will be kept fully charged by the backpack and labeled with the scholars ID so no parts can be stolen.


The advantages by using the EREADER outways the old book system. This will save the department millions of rand and it will be a far more effective way to educate the children of this country.